Few lines on project management

From time to time I’ve been doing some projekt management for smaller (side)projects. They are, most commonly, small Innovation Voucher projects with quite limited timeframe and budget. And as we cannot use too many human resources for every small one, usually I’ve been done two jobs – as a project manager and a web designer.

I’ve never took any project management course, except one during my IMKE studies in TLU which means that these skills do more often came from reading best practices and during the projects I’ve been leading.

I’m not going to reveal my clumsy style how I interact with the client and how do I manage my small team. Instead of I will list here these small pieces of software I’m using daily to managing these projects.

Wunderlist (free)

Great task manager. I’ve been trying tens of alternatives (I even did stick to the Things for almost six months) but it seems that I’ve found a perfect one. It offers syncing via their servers between desktop computer (or laptop) and iPhone app, listing, task list printing view, sharing via Cloud App or e-mail, notes and more. Only thing I hate about it is this crappy dock icon.

Sparrow ($9.99, App Store)

New e-mail client for Mac. Perfect replacement for Mail for those who are using Gmail mailboxes. It offers very intuitive multiple accounts management, quick reply, labels and and useful menu bar icon for notifications.

Assembla (free for public projects)

Assembla features a bunch of tools for project management, ticketing, collaboration and more. These services include GIT, SVN, Trac. You are able to use free private SVN repositories for your code (2 GB space) or public space with Trac ticketing system. As far client is OK with it, it is much more convenient to pass your work to their after project is ended, if your stuff isn’t stuck in your corporate servers.

Skype (free)

No introduction is needed. I usually remove client from my list shortly after projects ends. Internet isn’t about collecting “friends”.

OmniPlan ($149.99, App Store)

Latest addition to my uses. Every client is keen on knowing how far is the project and how well does it goes. At this very moment I see OmniPlan perfect for visualizing this information.

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