Managing Flickr contacts

Just before the end of the year it’s always good idea to clean up your old stuff. On modern times it also includes some web services your are probably using.

Almighty photo-app Flickr is one of the most frequently used tool by me, for uploading my (daily) shots, finding Creative Commons licensed works or for browsing to find some inspirational moments.

By the end of this year I’ve managed to find nearly 80 people around the Flickr whom I call “contact”. Some of them are listed only because of my interest to them, others are friends and colleagues, former students etc.

It would be lovely if there were really easy method for bulk managing them, as there are for photos. Actually Flickr is somewhere in the middle – there aren’t toggle all buttons but as I’m moving my cursor on the user icon of my contact, a pop-up will be shown. It announces me that user is on my contact list, there’s a shortcuts to his or her photostream, sets, galleries and so on. The last option is to block this user.

Why block? During this period I’ve used Flickr, I’ve never blocked users. My block list is still empty and to be honest I’ve no idea why should I even use this option. More often I would use an option to delete certain user from my contact list. Social networking engine Elgg is actually integrated very similar user management pop-up to their views and with an option to remove user from contact list (or friend list, as used in Elgg).

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