Reading multi-column articles on Kindle

I’m almost half way on reading my very first e-book on talented Kindle device. It happen to be Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell. Progess is a bit low these days due to some happy days that are lasting in my family but I feel no hurry. Only thing I would like to say is that reading experience on Kindle is awesome.

Other issue is reading articles on that device. Specially articles that are formulated on multi-column pages. As known, smaller Kindle (6″) isn’t perfect for reading PDF files due to its small screen size. Though it’s far more comfortable than reading PDFs on iPhone, it’s still a bit pain.

Thanks to some talented developers there are some workarounds available – PDF Scissors and Briss. Both written in Java and that’s making them pretty much cross platform tools.

Working methods of both ones are quite similar. First of all load PDF file, define cropping areas and apply your choice. Cropped PDF file is going to be saved in the same directory as your original file. And as developer of the PDF Scissors points out, it’s very handy for cropping scanned PDFs for better readability on e-reading devices.


  1. You might want to also try papercrop or k2pdfopt to optimize your PDF for an e-reader.

  2. Thank you, I’ll try these!

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