Facebook help center – removing friends

At the current period of time my most active “friends” collections lives in Facebook (as we all do). I bet that I could pass 75% of my dear friends on street without even saying “hello” or greeting them on any other way. And every time I do that I feel bad and sorry – because I just passed my friend and I was rude at the same time.

I do have a solution and I thought I could use this already few days ago. On Sunday night I decided to clean up my friends list on Facebook. Not hundred but maybe at least 25 of them.

Right, I started. And I stopped. Nearly an hour later without any success. I couldn’t determinate how to remove friends on Facebook, I was stuck in this fuzzy UI that sucks my Estonian friends from Orkut and other virtual meeting places.

I tried again yesterday evening. Still nothing. I couldn’t find the right button or link (I was looking for something like “remove this friend”, “remove from friend list” etc.). Until this point I didn’t tried cmd+f on Safari or Google search for help.

Here I am again and first thing I did after sitting down on my desk was fast Google search on how to remove friends on Facebook. And I found this helpful Facebook manual with the right answers.

It took me 3 days to succeed. What a lousy average internet user I am.

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