Usability workshop with Alastair Campbell

Yesterday morning I was lucky to attend on a very informative and interesting workshop held by Best Marketing. International University Audentes was hosting usability and accessibility expert Alastair Campbell from Nomensa.

Although Alastair’s slaides were uploaded to the web (Usability and IA), I did some rough notes on a paper as well and I would love to share those with those lost souls who are reading this blog here:

Firstly, marketing and usability are very closely related and very often people are claiming these are almost the same things. Slight different between those two are that when marketing concerns about 5 major topics, which are (in terms of website usability and marketing):

  • Who search your site
  • How many users choose your site out of the search results
  • How many of those get past the first page
  • How many of those are actually starting a process

and finally

  • complete the process

… then usability people are actually interested in three last ones.

Development process – more you can do earlier is better. Hard to follow, I know.

Organisation layout and system do not equal its website structure. Website is for users, who are not looking for complex structure and menus, they are scanning for only bits of information.

There are tens (probably hundreds) of CMS out there. Choosing appropriate one is difficult and what it makes this situation even worse is that there is no perfect one. You might find one which is very easy to implement and very flexible in the same time but its interface is far away from usable. Or its having an usable interface and its flexible enought for extensions and widgets but implementing or even installation is a pain. You can actually choose only 2 out of 3 good options.

And finally, as I actually mentioned before, do not assume that people actually read your content :]

Here you can find Alastair’s blog post with links and other resources he mentioned in the workshop.

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