One more reason to love Songbird

My personal favorite music player, Songbird, looks pretty much similar to the Mac’s native one, iTunes. But that’s only by a default, because tens of add-ons makes it as personal as I need. Without extra installable applications.

I’m an average music listener, claims that I’ve listened 4000 tracks during the last two years, which isn’t too much. But these are the track i’ve listened not heard and probably I don’t have time for bigger number.

Back to the headline. Cover art for the track i listen to is crucial. It can be compared to the visual aesthetics of the records shelf above my desk where unlabeled CDs hidden for the publicity and CDs with the covers are sitting in the most noticeable area.

Managing cover arts in the iTunes is pain, even when I used additional software for finding and downloading them. Too much work is needed there where there’s shouldn’t. Solution that is provided by the Songbird and one small add-on called Album Art is much more comfortable. It simply displays album cover art whenever its available on the database or is described in the metadata of the mp3 file. And that’s it.

That is the reason I love Songbird :]

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