Songbird does some singing

And it does it very well, in fact. Songbird is a fine replacement for the well known music players like WinAmp or iTunes which are still usable and being developed but sometimes it seems that this process has taken them too close to the perfectionism. There is still no stable, I mean 1.0 version of the Songbird but Release Candidate is running smoothly on my MacBook.

Songbird has been built on the XULRunner platform, which makes it running on Windows, OS X and Linux as well. Basically it’s a Firefox for music.

There is a one small problem as well. Once in a while I listen to my iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) and there has been no problems while transfering the songs via iTunes. Songbird (0.7 and even 1.0RC1) don’t see device, although when I try to quit the program, it warns me about the connected device.

I did some searching (Google, as usual) and find quite easy hack for repairing situation. All I need to do is to delete one directory (iPod_Control), unmount the iPod and mount it again. It works!

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