Although usually I don’t mind eating in the university’s cafeteria and their pancakes are almost the best ones in the world, sometimes its good to have some alternation for a change.

Yesterday’s pick was recently opened fast food restaurant Vapiano (take it easy in Italian). It may sound a bit odd, but this quite cheap and self-serving restaurant (also naming itself as a fast casual) offers quite refreshing experience in the field of the lunch places in the center of the Tallinn. Menu consists of the pasta, pizza and salads, which are all fresh and ready made in the local kitchen. From the half-open kitchen it can be observed, how chefs are combining the pizza for you or mixing the salads. Very thin and delicious pizzas are served in 15-20 minutes and costs from 50 to 125 kroons, depending on the the ingredients, so as pastas and salads.

One more thing, that has not been very popular yet in Tallinn, is use of the RFID chip cards that are being used as a credit cards inside of the restaurant. All the orders are being paid before leaving at the exit of the restaurant. Actually very convenient.

Vapiano in Tallinn is located next to the Roterman Quarter and right next to the Coca-Cola Plaza.

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