Blank WordPress theme (and admin) issue

Few days ago I got a notice that one of site (running on WordPress) displays only header image and users are unable to see admin panel after login form. It seemed that all the content after header is disappeared. Turning on the debug mode didn’t show a thing and all I got was access to files via web based FTP.

With a little hint from support forum I did manage to turn the whole page visible again and here’s a short overview:

  1. Rename themes folder (to themes2, for example)
  2. Log in (you are now able to log in to admin panel)
  3. Delete active theme (or back it up to your hard drive)
  4. Rename themes2 folder to themes again
  5. Activate some “safe” theme (Twenty Eleven works fine)

As you probably understood already, problem was somewhere in the current theme. In my case, I’ll need to find broken code on my local computer before moving it back to working server. But at least site is up and running again.


Workaround for WordPress 3.3 + qTranslate

Combination of the latest WP and popular multi-language plugin isn’t working as smoothly as it supposed to be. Apparently it couses unnecessary list tags and spacing everywhere while switching between Visual and HTML-editor.

Fastest workaround (not a fix) is to use CKEditor plugin instead of TinyMCE as main toolbar for text editing.


wp attachment image alt

Just a small note:

For retrieving ALT text of WordPress posts you’ll need to useĀ _wp_attachment_image_alt meta key. BUT you’ll need to add ALT text for image from Media editing view not directly from the post. Changing an ALT text inside of the post’s visual editor will not save it in the same way in the database.

It took nearly an hour to clear this issue to me and Pjotr.


Estonian translation for eShop WordPress plugin

Just finished very rough translation for eShop WordPress plugin. Almost 800 strings are now completed as good as possible at this very moment and frankly, vacation seemed to be only time this year for that kind of job.

eShop is a decent shopping cart plugin for WordPress. Its free, packed with various features like using WordPress pages for creating products, email templates, discount options, admin access to an order handling system etc. Setting up your own store will take you 15 minutes and handling it later is truly smooth.

Installing new translation is simple. Just download the Estonian translation file (, upload it to directory of eshop under WordPress plugins folder and check, whether your WordPress is configured to be used Estonian translation as default language. Everything should work after refresh.