iPhone Tracker in terms of research projects

Quite a few iPhone users are feeling betrayed after discovering that their phones are storing data about their movements and places they’ve been visited. Number of blogs and sites [1][2] have already covered this issue in terms of privacy and I’m not going to repeat that.

But what I would like to point out is that if there’s already that sort of data available, why not use it for something useful? If some research group would pick up this opportunity and formulate it into some really cool research project it would be actually fun way to use this backdoor which is provided us by Apple.

For some reason I’m sure that Apple isn’t an only one who is storing data without telling to end users.


The cheapest way to travel to London

Do you remember Icelandic volcanic ash news from the past spring? I do. Did you know that during this period there was tens of promotional offers from various companies, who tried to earn from this multinational event?

One of the firms who took advantage of it was the one behind the popular travel books – Lonely Planet. Their offer was called “Volcano Relief Sale“. During three days all iPhone users could download free city guides for cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna.

Users like me did download most of them almost instantly.


Because this is the most cheapest way to travel around the Europe.