Interactive Media & Knowledge Environments

IMKE (Interactive Media & Knowledge Environments) master program is starting this year again.

Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments (IMKE) is an accredited international new media master program offered by the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University with all instruction in English. The special focus of  IMKE is on knowledge environments, i.e., online community applications of the Web 2.0 that facilitate sharing information and constructing knowledge including, for example, games, learning environments, and citizen’s media. The schedule is designed particularly with working, and distant students in mind.


As a part of the really first (or pilot) group of IMKE students, who are finishing or are planning to finish their studies soon, I must confess that those two years have gave me more deeper education and skill than three years in BA studies. Yes, of course, that is a reason why we have master studies, but I’m sure that there is not many curriculums in TLU, that are providing students so versatile learning opportunities without depending deeply on students previous background.

Sure, we had programming courses, where we tried Python for s60 devices (Nokia) and some great visual experiments with processing but none of these really required programmer background, teachers approach supported us on different level and as we got better, their exercises got harder. As it should be.

During the first year I took a part of the practical workshop about paper prototyping in UIAH, Helsinki. During the one week activities I got a chance to meet very interesting people and with their projects, which were a bit more artistic than they usually are in TLU (there are hardly any independent students projects in that terms). And one thing that I understood was that IMKE curriculum in the whole should intent to be something very similar – casual atmosphere, free (at least in the first sight) of all kind of restrictions and exams and grading as they are now.

In order to join IMKE, you do not have to be a superman. Requirements, schedule, courses, and all the needed information is available on IMKE and TLU websites.


Petri Kola @ KERG seminar

The Knowledge Environments Research Group (KERG) seminar is intended to be the forum for discussing research issues related to projects and personal research agendas. Representations can also be reviews of conferences or workshops. Presentations of individual researchers or research groups from other intitutions are invited regularly.

Next week guest talk on 12th of May is Petri Kola from TAIK. He is a PhD student, who’s research area is communities and collaboration in the web. His a developer of the Tutkimusparvi which is aiming at the particular kind of self-organising research community approach.


Starting from a scratch

First of all, I should introduce myself, and what would be the best place to do it then this weblog here?

My name is Priit Tammets and to be correct, not very new in bloging. I’ve been doing it since 2003 in different variations – in Estonian, in English, as a photoblog and microblog (I’m still Jaikuing). A purpose of this one is to give myself an opportunity to express my everyday life (both working and private, of course) in a format, that will ensure the possibility, that someone else, a total stranger, can find it here, reads it and even gives me feedback about… something.

This very first posting is just an introduction, more info about me is located under “About” link that can be accessed on the top of the page.