Blank WordPress theme (and admin) issue

Few days ago I got a notice that one of site (running on WordPress) displays only header image and users are unable to see admin panel after login form. It seemed that all the content after header is disappeared. Turning on the debug mode didn’t show a thing and all I got was access to files via web based FTP.

With a little hint from support forum I did manage to turn the whole page visible again and here’s a short overview:

  1. Rename themes folder (to themes2, for example)
  2. Log in (you are now able to log in to admin panel)
  3. Delete active theme (or back it up to your hard drive)
  4. Rename themes2 folder to themes again
  5. Activate some “safe” theme (Twenty Eleven works fine)

As you probably understood already, problem was somewhere in the current theme. In my case, I’ll need to find broken code on my local computer before moving it back to working server. But at least site is up and running again.

Removing solid background from image

You’ll need: image file with solid background color, Photoshop (in my case CS5)

  1. Select “Color Range…” from the “Select” menu
  2. In “Color Range” dialog box, click on the eyedropper tool, drag the “Fuzziness” slider to about 30, check the “Invert” checkbox, choose “Grayscale” from the “Selection Preview” popup and make sure the “Selection” radio button is pressed
  3. With the eyedropper tool, click on the color area of the image you would like to remove  (either on the main canvas or in the “Color Range” dialog. Area with solid color is displayed  as white, and the rest of the image (which will be selected) black
  4. Click “OK”
  5. Select inverse and delete unwanted part of the image

Originally by Jeff Geerling