One week trial with ZTE MF100 USB Modem

Estonian mobile operators are massively producing ads for various media channels to gain rapid growth in mobile data and internet market. All three operators have their “very best” data plans with “the best prices” and with “the fastest speeds available”. Their message is that if you’re not using mobile internet, you are one lost soul.

Although I’m a loyal client for the biggest and the most expensive firm, their mobile data plans sucks in a big time. Though I use mobile data on my phone on quite average level, cost for service is way too much. So for the experiment I took the second best choice and grabbed myself fresh Mint from the Elisa.

Mint is a data plan with different levels of data speeds and prices. Starting from 6.5 eur/month and speed up to 1 Mbit/s seems to be reasonable enough. With only one major restriction – user shouldn’t go over 1GB data traffic during the trial period – convinced me to sign punch of papers and I was ready to go.

Installation and setup was quick, after connecting the modem and next-next-next clicking process, modem did find the needed signal in a seconds and let me connect to it. But there are some steps I would like to test while I’m back home:

ZTE MF100 USB Modem
  • Is it possible to find signal without an external antenna in a old house with 50cm thick walls in a middle of the deep forest – Update – no, internal antenna is weak, comparable to average cell phone. Update no.2 – this device does not support external antenna either.
  • Is it possible to share the internet to other computers as well
  • what is the real amount of daily traffic in a normal use

I should be able to answer to those question after week. If any case I should be unhappy with the service, I’m still able to return it without any cost.

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  1. Há definitivamente muito a descobrir sobre este issue.
    Eu amo todos os você fez.

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