Facebook help center – removing friends

At the current period of time my most active “friends” collections lives in Facebook (as we all do). I bet that I could pass 75% of my dear friends on street without even saying “hello” or greeting them on any other way. And every time I do that I feel bad and sorry – because I just passed my friend and I was rude at the same time.

I do have a solution and I thought I could use this already few days ago. On Sunday night I decided to clean up my friends list on Facebook. Not hundred but maybe at least 25 of them.

Right, I started. And I stopped. Nearly an hour later without any success. I couldn’t determinate how to remove friends on Facebook, I was stuck in this fuzzy UI that sucks my Estonian friends from Orkut and other virtual meeting places.

I tried again yesterday evening. Still nothing. I couldn’t find the right button or link (I was looking for something like “remove this friend”, “remove from friend list” etc.). Until this point I didn’t tried cmd+f on Safari or Google search for help.

Here I am again and first thing I did after sitting down on my desk was fast Google search on how to remove friends on Facebook. And I found this helpful Facebook manual with the right answers.

It took me 3 days to succeed. What a lousy average internet user I am.

Removing your page from Google’s search results

Dealing with different websites from time to time is fun, challenging and … risky. And at this very moment I mean a risk to publish some client’s content by accident. Finally, it has happened to me too.

When I was back in high school, there was no giant named Google. There was Google but really no one ever mentioned it in the same sentence with internet (OT: Wikipedia article about Google is a nice reading). And now, years later, every kid knows that if a web page is online, it’s in the Google as well.

Sometimes still, we do not need that to be happen. Or if it has happened, we would like to turn back time as fast as we possibly could. In my case I needed to remove hundreds of names and email addresses from it’s search results.

At first place I thought its much easier to dig an hole through the Earth than ask Google to remove one page from their search. I was deeply wrong about that. Google is offering us a very nifty tool called Website Removal tool. Using it is dead simple – button called “New removal request” calls a pop-up where you need to enter the URL that you’d like to remove, check that the page is already blocked by its administrator and wait for few hours to be proceeded by Google. Yes, you should block your site or page before using this tool, unless you’re going to use that tool again or you’ll receive message from Google that your request has been denied.

Shortly, that’s the simplest way and it worked for me. There are trickiest cases too, described on the manual page for the Webmaster Tools. Read it before starting and you should be achieving some results quite shortly.