From digital to film

Two years of teaching media in Tallinna Lilleküla Gümnaasium are left behind and its a perfect moment to start thinking on forthcoming one. I’m having enormous amount of thoughts and ideas but since most of them are crappy (yes, I do thing crappy thoughts sometimes) then I’ll continue with only one.

My lovely students have always been very practically-minded and that’s a good thing. Hands-on lessons are equally fun to me as well. Like in the first year I tried to cut and glue “do-it-yourself” pinhole camera with my class. Even if there was no working examples in the end, students were happy and pointed out how motivating it was again to work with their own hands, paper, scissors and glue-stick for a change.

For some reasons although, I decided to skip pinhole camera assembling last year but I’m having thoughts of using film cameras in our practical works this year. It might be quite challenging to take pictures for schools newspaper with film camera.

Anyway, even teachers must practice and that’s why I bought a roll of film today, took a AGAT 18 out of the locker, mounted a film and started to teasing myself with thoughts how happy everyone are in the first lesson of taking photos with film cameras :]


photo by seriykotik1970.

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