How can you trust free antivirus software?

… asked my own brother on saturday. And moments later he continued: you can’t be sure that free software is better than the paid one just because its free, how can you claim that AVG is more effective than Norton, for example?

OK, I can’t be sure. You can’t be sure for everything, to be precice but over those years, I’ve been using AVG (free version), there has been no viruses in my desktop computer which it hasn’t been able to remove. And I’ve been so sure about it’s goodness that I’ve installed it on every new computer, which has been bought by my friends. And still no complaints.

“How can you be sure?”

This question poped up after he saw suspiciuos warning window on my parents computer after he attached his USB memory stick. After short scan on his stick AVG reported about 5 different viruses and malware on it. Norton Antivirus on my brother Lenovo showed zero.

Thats why I still trust free antivirus.

Sometimes I love porn!

And porn it is! My Mac is running the latest Windows on Parallels for few hours now. For a testing purposes only, of course, no real working solution for me. Even for me.

Thinking back for few years now, Windows Vista has just reached to the market and there was like millions of discussions on the topics like “Vista sucks”, “Vista is even worse than ME” and etc. Somehow I managed to pass the Vista period on PC-s, I still installed XP for my friends and parents. There was no need for the newer OS.

I actually waited it, the new version of our old friend. Beta status is promising and I admit that using it with Parallels can’t give me the whole picture, it still runs even a bit better that XP SP2 does. At least I want to believe that.

Because its time to move on. And the 7th Windows might now be the real rival for the XP.