Back from the summer, aheading towards busy autumn

After returning to my desk at CET, I spotted a huge amount of tasks that should be finished as soon as possible plus tasks that cannot wait any longer and tasks that should be taken into account in the very near future.

Like last year, this September brings me some teaching activities in Lilleküla, I’m continuing with practical media for 10th and 11th grade.  Plans for the fresh ones (10th) are pretty much similar to the last year, some additional ideas should attract young people to work even more intensive. 11th grade gets a new, free from the grading study, which is going to be follow-up for their last year course. It will be include the reflecting of the schools everyday life through the interviews of the visitors, shooting and filming the actual events like Teachers and Sporting day. By giving students the opportunity express their skills through the actual and visible outcomes it encourages them to improve them more than plain theoretical material, which is available everywhere anyway.

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