EDEN 2008, Lisbon

5 days spent in the sunny and even tropical Portugal were amazing. The main aim of the travel was to take apart of the EDEN 2008 conference but it didn’t eliminate the possibility that I fell in love in streets of Lisbon.

But I should start with the conference because the fact that it was my first conference outside of the Estonia, plus 15 minute presentation. Incredible experience all in one, that’s for sure but I managed to survive my speech and few questions afterwards. Most of the audience were teachers which means that probably my statements and the topic was a bit too technical. One the other hand, those few questions I got were really in the topic and helped me perfectly to finish my big day.

EDEN conference on the whole reminded me the one which is held by the Estonian E-University on each year – almost the same topics and even familiar questions, that are repeating from the session to session (”definition for the e-learning”, “are we dealing with e or learning”, “blogs and wikis in the classroom” etc.). But as I understood already on the first evening when I registered myself and got the unusable bag and heavy materials of the conference, all this is held more for the meeting place for the old friends and colleagues. Visiting the sessions is like a cherry on the cake but personal face-to-face small talks are represented in every possible situations. Again, something, that reminds me this named Estonian conference.

But hey, Lisbon! First few three days I drank like a mad. I don’t know, where the hell it got but I drank litres of water and still felted myself like living in the desert. Portuguese people really know how to cook and to enjoy their meals. One of my goals while walking around the city was to try something from the local’s kitchen. First three places I tried near to the Avenida Da Liberdade did’t offer any food, although the menu was available next to the open door. Sadly, many of the locals restaurants closes their kitchen between 15.00 to 19.00 or in the other words, no eating between the lunch and the dinner. On the other hand, people should eat more regularly than they usually do, at least in Estonia. But luckily one of the small place was open and I got my soup (1 EUR) and I didn’t regret a thing.

After conquering the old Castle of São Jorge I walked down to the crowded streets and picked first fish restuarant and ordered codfish with onion rings and boiled potatoes. That was the final dot on the i, when previous cuisines consisted of Bacalhau (salted codfish), sardines, chorizos, Feijoada and several more, I just cannot name at the moment :]



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  2. Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

  3. d'accordo su tutto tranne che su Glamgerous!il rosa e questo tipo di look possono piacere come possono non piacereperò alla fine è vestita bene!tutte le altre…terribili!diciamo che per questo giro hai avuto lavoro facile 🙂

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  7. Thanks for caring enough about this subject Laura to even be discussing it …it is so important & may I say especially so for boys, who often struggle with the early push for education even more than girls!

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  9. Caro Formigli, ma dove ti arrampichi, dai commenti letti non credo che ne sei uscito molto bene…spero quanto prima in un tuo cambio attivita’, Ricorda; Ca’ nisciuno è fesso

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